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 The hope of the API is to be as easy and seemless as possible. The hope of the API is to be as easy and seemless as possible.
-To start go to the [[:generatecode|generate]] ​page.+Part 1: [[:tutorial:generate|Code Generation]]
-Press the {{https://​​api/​connecttwitch.png?​nolink&​177x33}}button. +Part 2[[:tutorial:syntax|Code Syntax]]
- +
-{{https://​​60b4bb56a3313af74324d8930aaf2b4f.png?​nolink&​376x428}} +
- +
-If you are not signed into Twitch you will be redirected to a Twitch login page. +
- +
-{{https://​​883f3188182cf61d52e24bee0e094606.png?​nolink&​379x523}} +
- +
-You will then be asked to authorize the bot. Press Authorize. +
- +
-Note: Only public information is received from your account. We use this for username verification only and no data is stored. +
- +
-{{https://​​80c8806c8f4d949f4e9279647a9283c5.png?​nolink&​706x862}} +
- +
-Commands will now be generated for your account. Scroll down to the bot you are using. Please do not share the API password that it generated.+
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