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Note: All features from this API can now be used through LoLRankBot with little setup –>

TFT Access has been revoked as they created a new API and denied my application. Unfortunately I have to get rid of this feature until approved at a later date. If this effects you please let Riot know so maybe they can reconsider.

BangingHeads.NET League of Legends API

I've noticed a lot of League of Legends streamers were using an API from He put the API in development mode at the end of the season, and now the site is completely gone. Since this left many streamers without a good API other than Nightbot's default Leagueoflegends rank API, I decided to create a fresh API for streamers to use instead for all bots.

These commands are all set to have a default summoner set by !setsummoner (or whatever you'd like) or can be used for another summoner by specifying the name if in the default region, or summoner,region if not.

Nightbot allows a blank answer so you can do !rank Name and just !rank in the same command. Other bots like streamelements or streamlabs you will have to have separate commands like !rank for main and !rankof for other people.

All command names can be changed to your preference, the commands given are just a default.

Supported regions: NA,EUW,EUNE,JP,KR,LAN,LAS,OCE,TR,RU,BR.

Supported bots: Nightbot, StreamElements, StreamLabs (Ankhbot)

Need these commands on discord? Add the commands to Nightbot then add Nightbot to your discord here.


Ability to set/change a default summoner name for a rank command

This will allow you to change your summoner name every time you change your account so that your commands are always up to date. (Recommended for mods+ only)

Ability to set/change default region for rank command

This allows you to customize your rank command to the region your are in/primary audience is in. As seen in the picture you are able to add a comma then region to lookup somebody who is not in the default region. (Recommended broadcaster only)

Display Average Rank of Current Game

This will show the average rank of the game. It averages out the ranks of the current game and displays it. This is useful while smurfing as people can see the rank of the game since a lot of the time it is not close to the rank of the account.

Display Ranks in Current Game

Shows the rank by champion for the current game.

OP.GG Command

This will display a link to for the current defined account (!setsummoner), as well as has the function to display it for other accounts too. Useful if you switch accounts a lot and can't have a static command.

Display Winrate

Shows the Win/Loss with win ratio along with rank. This can be a substitute for the !rank command if you want more information always.

Display Runes

Shows the runes of the summoner while in game. This will show runes from the previous game if not currently in game.

Custom Commands

Custom commands available on request. This includes special APIs needed for your channel, or suggestions for everybody's use.

To-Do List

''Potentially add a list of summoners to attempt for people who use a lot of accounts so they don't have to change?> Could be an issue with rate limiting, not sure how to scale this at the limit I have

Switch Bot to primarily a Node.JS bot, and have the Nightbot/StreamLabs/StreamElements be secondary since people can't figure out how to use them.

Be able to reference by champion name not just by Summoner name

Suggestions: BangingHeads#0001 on Discord ''


Created Base PHP to work with Riot API
Created Rank Command
Created MMR Command
Created Matchup Command
Added SQL Backend to Project
Created setsummoner command
Created setregion command
Created command
Created Website with pictures
Added Twitch Authentication
Created API Key generation on Twitch login
Created DokuWiki Website For cleaner look
Created Command Generation based on Twitch OAuth Token
Added Winrate Command to show Win/Losses / WR %
Created Tutorial Fixed issue with Grabbing tokens through Dokuwiki
Added Caching to summoner ids & rank information
Added Runes command
Added Last Game to runes command if not currently in game
Created lastgame command to show stats of last game
Added jQuery drop down to command generation page to hide commands for bots that aren't being used. ''
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